•  Dental Insurance is practically absent in Indian market.
  •  Population of India is nearly 1.25. Out of this huge population hardly 30% visit a dentist for dental problems and of these 30% patients, about 30% undergo treatment.
  • As per Indian Journal of Dental Sciences, prevalence of dental caries is 40%-80% (Very high in Northern states 85%-90%), periodontal diseases usually increase with age and are found more in rural areas. Oral cancer and precancerous conditions are 3%-10% (World’s highest occurrence is in Orissa, that is 7%). 
  • Only 15 – 20% of people in India are able to get dental services through national schemes, rest all are paying from their own pocket.
  • There are many reasons for a person ‘not to visit the dentist’:
         -    Indifferent attitude (absence of motivation)
         -    Lack of awareness (knowledge about Oral care and Oral Health)
         -    Non-availability of good Oral care services (smaller cities / towns)
         -    Non-affordable cost (expensive treatments)
         -    Fear of painful and traumatic treatments

Ø  40-70% of school going children is having dental caries.

Ø  About 85% of school going children requires various oral and dental treatments.

Ø  By the age of 12-13yrs malocclusion develops in children and this is the best time to treat, if any, and get the best possible result, but only if diagnosed on time.

Among all these reason Cost of Treatment matters the most and subscribers of Secure Dental Care Plans can save a lot on dental treatment expenses.

“Dental problems in children are not to be neglected; they may lead to problems in phonation, language and behavior.”