“Secure Dental Care Plans” (SDCP) is an initiative of Secure Dental Care and Cure Pvt. Ltd, a company incorporated under Companies Act 1956, promoted by Dr.Tanmay Haldar, a dentist into clinical practice since year 2005. We work on the model where we give more to the society than what we receive. Launching “Secure Dental Care Plans” is once such initiative. SDCP empanel already established dental clinics across India where patients registered with SDCP can get free dental check-up and up to 30% discount on various dental treatment. All panel dentists are more than 2 years experienced and hence quality dental treatment is assured.

SDCP recently got selected as one of India's 100 leading Social Enterprise by Action for India Forum, chaired by Mr.Sam Pitroda.

Our Vision and Mission:


  •  To be the most trusted company providing quality dental care at affordable cost. 

  •  To remove the stigma of India being the World Capital for Oral Cancer.

  •  To help India to emerge globally as a dental disease-free nation.


  • To promote Preventive Dentistry among the masses so that ongoing dental problems are diagnosed and treated at the initial stage leading to saving time, money and agony of discomfort due to negligence.

  • To form network of experienced dentist/dental clinics across India where patients can get quality dental treatment at much affordable cost.

  • To form a new marketplace where 70% of Indians who otherwise do not visit a dentist, prefer to visit our panel dentist when in need rather than going for self-medication.

Our Aim
Our Objective
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